Trained Persons

A Trained Person designation is needed if you operate a designated facility that is serviced by a:

  • small non-municipal non-residential drinking water system; or
  • small municipal non-residential drinking water system; or
  • non-municipal seasonal residential drinking water system.

What is a designated facility?

Ontario Regulation 170/03 of the Safe Drinking Water Act defines “designated facilities” as:

  • children and youth care facilities
  • children’s camps
  • delivery agent care facilities
  • health care facilities
  • schools or private schools
  • social care facilities
  • universities or colleges (or institution with authority to grant degrees)
  • Complete the correspondence or online course, Operation of Small Drinking Water Systems course, available through the Walkerton Clean Water Centre (WCWC). Visit the Small Systems Zone to register.
  • Keep your course completion certificate which verifies that you are a Trained Person. Keep it handy as you will need to show it during a ministry inspection as proof of training.
  • Your designation is valid for 3 years from the date you completed the course.
  • Complete one of the following courses* that have been specifically selected as acceptable training for Trained Persons. You must take this training before your designation expires:
    • Operation of Small Drinking Water Systems (classroom, online or correspondence), WCWC
    • Small System Fundamentals (classroom), WCWC
    • Best Practices for Small Systems (classroom), WCWC
    • Small Systems Hands-on Workshop (classroom), WCWC
    • Small Water System Operation and Maintenance (online or correspondence), California State
  • Keep your training records for verification. It will be requested during a ministry inspection.

If you do not complete one of the courses listed above before your Trained Person designation expires, you will lose your designation and will not be able to operate a drinking water system.

*If you completed a Director approved course(s) from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2015 that is not included in this list, it can be used to meet your “Trained Person” designation. Please contact the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks for guidance at 416-325-4000, Toll-free: 1-800-565-4923 or send a message to

Tips for Getting TrainingTips for Keeping Track of Your TrainingDiagram of Renewal Cycle

  • Find out when your Trained Person designation expires. You must complete the training before that date.
  • Visit the Walkerton Clean Water Centre website at to register for their courses listed above.
  • Visit the California State website at to register for their course, which is also Director approved for Trained Persons.

  • Take note of when you completed your training. To maintain your designation, you must take another course – from the list above – within 36 months of that date.
  • Use the ministry’s Training Tracker to help you log and monitor the training you complete.
  • Keep all your training records and certificates. You will need to show proof of training for ministry inspections.

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