Issues which can arise when using WWOCS are often easily solved with one of the following tips. Please read below for common errors, and make sure you are using Internet Explorer to access WWOCS (Chrome, Firefox etc. may have higher number of errors).


  • Remember, your WWOCS training provider account is for the entire company, not just the individual submitting or delivering a course. Make sure that there is one person in charge of the account.
  • When logging in for the first time, make sure you enter in your password as it appears. Sometimes, the lowercase letter L looks like the number 1.


All certificates given to participants after course completion must contain the following:

  • Training provider’s name;
  • Participant’s name;
  • Training event title or description;
  • Start and completion date of training course;
  • Number of contact hours or ‘Director Approved’ CEUs;
  • Signature of training provider or authorized representative;
  • ‘Director Approved’ wording to indicate that the course is ministry approved (i.e. ‘Director Approved Continuing Education Units 0.7) and
  • Course ID


When uploading the list of operators who have successfully completed your training to WWOCS, the following tips may help solve any issues you may have:

  • Internet Explorer works best with WWOCS. Chrome, Firefox, etc. are all less compatible;
  • Make sure the information is saved in Notepad as a .txt Do not use Word or Excel;
  • Use the Course ID found on your receipt, not the reference number;
  • Only Operators who hold valid certificates or licences are on the Operator Listing report. Expired operators do not appear;
  • Watch out for duplicate or incorrect operator IDs in the file;
  • Try uploading in smaller batches. Errors occur more frequently with courses that have over 50 operators;
  • Watch out for spaces in the text file, and
  • Use only a semi-colon (;) to separate the required data.