Exam Schedule

To write an examination you require the following:

  1. proof of grade 12 or equivalent*; and,
  2. a completed application form with payment.

*If you have education other than an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, please see Guideline 3.1 for more information. If your education is on file with a previous exam, you do not need to resubmit this with your current application.

Exam seating is limited. Applications are processed based on the order in which they are received. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

For information on the examination process, including forms, fees, and the cancellation policy, visit our Writing an Examination page.

Study manuals can be ordered by submitting a completed Study Manual Order Form to the OWWCO office.

* Indicates a single exam session – only one exam per person may be written on this date.

ID City Test Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Test Site Application Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy) Status
1 Dryden Feb/15/2019 Keewaytinook Centre of Excellence Jan/15/2019 Open
2 Owen Sound Feb/20/2019 Bayshore Community Centre Jan/20/2019 Open
3 London Feb/21/2019 Ramada Inn London Jan/22/2019 Open
4 Peterborough Feb/21/2019 Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre Jan/21/2019 Open
5 GTA West Mar/06/2019 Tomken Arena (Mississauga) Feb/06/2019 Open
6 Ottawa Mar/07/2019 Saint Paul University Feb/07/2019 Open
7 Kingston Mar/13/2019 Travelodge Hotel La Salle Feb/13/2019 Open
8 Sault Ste. Marie Mar/13/2019 Quattro Hotel & Conference Centre Feb/13/2019 Open
9 North Bay Mar/14/2019 Ramada Pinewood Park Resort Feb/14/2019 Open
10 Orillia Mar/21/2019 To be determined Feb/21/2019 Open
11 Windsor Mar/21/2019 Optimist Community Centre Feb/21/2019 Open
12 Dryden Mar/22/2019 Keewaytinook Centre of Excellence Feb/22/2019 Open
13 GTA West Apr/03/2019 Iceland Arena (Mississauga) Mar/04/2019 Open
14 Hamilton Apr/04/2019 Crowne Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre Mar/04/2019 Open
15 Peterborough Apr/10/2019 Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre Mar/11/2019 Open
16 Thunder Bay Apr/11/2019 North McIntyre Rec Centre Mar/11/2019 Open
17 Dryden Apr/12/2019 Keewaytinook Centre of Excellence Mar/12/2019 Open
18 Toronto Apr/16/2019 2019 WEAO Technical Symposium Mar/18/2019 Open
19 Chatham / Blenheim Apr/17/2019 Blenheim Arena Mar/18/2019 Open
20 Timmins Apr/18/2019 Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa Mar/18/2019 Open
21 GTA West May/08/2019 Iceland Arena (Mississauga) Apr/08/2019 Open
22 Ottawa May/09/2019 Saint Paul University Apr/09/2019 Open
23 GTA East May/14/2019 Tam Heather Curling and Tennis Club Apr/15/2019 Open
24 Welland May/15/2019 Welland Civic Square Apr/15/2019 Open
25 Sudbury May/16/2019 Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology Apr/16/2019 Open
26 Dryden May/17/2019 Keewaytinook Centre of Excellence Apr/17/2019 Open
27 London May/23/2019 Ramada Inn London Apr/23/2019 Open
28 Orillia May/23/2019 To be determined Apr/23/2019 Open
29 GTA West Jun/05/2019 Iceland Arena (Mississauga) May/06/2019 Open
30 Kingston Jun/12/2019 Travelodge Hotel La Salle May/13/2019 Open
31 Peterborough Jun/12/2019 Kinsmen Civic Centre May/13/2019 Open
32 North Bay Jun/13/2019 Ramada Pinewood Park Resort May/13/2019 Open
33 Windsor Jun/20/2019 Optimist Community Centre May/20/2019 Open
34 Dryden Jun/21/2019 Keewaytinook Centre of Excellence May/21/2019 Open
10001 GTA East Aug/07/2018 Tam Heather Curling and Tennis Club Jul/07/2018 Closed
10002 Ottawa Aug/09/2018 Saint Paul University Jul/09/2018 Closed
10003 Kingston Aug/15/2018 Travelodge Hotel La Salle Jul/15/2018 Closed
10004 Welland Aug/15/2018 Welland Civic Square Jul/15/2018 Closed
10005 GTA West Aug/16/2018 Humber College (North Campus) Jul/16/2018 Closed
10006 Sudbury Aug/16/2018 Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology Jul/16/2018 Closed
10007 Owen Sound Aug/22/2018 Bayshore Community Centre Jul/22/2018 Closed
10008 London Aug/23/2018 Ramada Inn London Jul/23/2018 Closed
10009 Hamilton Jul/05/2018 Crowne Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre Jun/05/2018 Closed
10010 Chatham / Blenheim Jul/18/2018 Blenheim Arena Jun/18/2018 Closed
10011 Kitchener Jul/18/2018 Conestoga Residence & Conference Centre Jun/18/2018 Closed
10012 GTA West Jul/19/2018 Humber College (North Campus) Jun/19/2018 Closed
10013 Timmins Jul/19/2018 Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa Jun/19/2018 Closed
10014 Orillia Jul/26/2018 Highwayman Inn & Conference Centre Jun/26/2018 Closed
10015 Thunder Bay Jul/26/2018 North McIntyre Rec Centre Jun/26/2018 Closed
10016 North Bay Jun/07/2018 Ramada Pinewood Park Resort May/07/2018 Closed
10017 Peterborough Jun/13/2018 Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre May/13/2018 Closed
10018 GTA West Jun/14/2018 Iceland Arena (Mississauga) May/14/2018 Closed
10019 Kingston Jun/14/2018 Travelodge Hotel La Salle May/14/2018 Closed
10020 Windsor Jun/14/2018 Optimist Community Centre May/14/2018 Closed
10021 Dryden Jun/22/2018 Keewaytinook Centre of Excellence May/22/2018 Closed
10022 Kitchener Mar/21/2018 Conestoga Residence & Conference Centre Feb/21/2018 Closed
10023 Conference - WEAO Apr/17/2018 London Convention Centre Mar/17/2018 Closed
10024 Conference - OWWA May/01/2018 Marriott Fallsview Hotel - Niagara Falls Apr/01/2018 Closed
10025 Guelph May/10/2018 University of Guelph Apr/10/2018 Closed
10026 Ottawa Oct/11/2018 Saint Paul University Sep/11/2018 Closed
10027 Thunder Bay Oct/11/2018 North McIntyre Rec Centre Sep/11/2018 Closed
10028 Chatham / Blenheim Oct/17/2018 Blenheim Arena Sep/17/2018 Closed
10029 GTA West Oct/18/2018 Iceland Arena (Mississauga) Sep/18/2018 Closed
10030 Hamilton Sep/06/2018 Crowne Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre Aug/06/2018 Closed
10031 North Bay Sep/06/2018 Ramada Pinewood Park Resort Aug/06/2018 Closed
10032 Peterborough Sep/12/2018 Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre Aug/12/2018 Closed
10033 GTA West Sep/13/2018 Tomken Arena (Mississauga) Aug/13/2018 Closed
10034 Windsor Sep/13/2018 Optimist Community Centre Aug/13/2018 Closed
10035 Sault Ste. Marie Sep/19/2018 Quattro Suites & Conference Centre Aug/19/2018 Closed
10036 Orillia Sep/27/2018 Highwayman Inn & Conference Centre Aug/27/2018 Closed
10037 Dryden Sep/28/2018 Keewaytinook Centre of Excellence Aug/28/2018 Closed
10038 Timmins Oct/25/2018 Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa Sep/25/2018 Closed
10039 Dryden Oct/26/2018 Keewaytinook Centre of Excellence Sep/26/2018 Closed
10040 GTA East Nov/06/2018 Tam Heather Curling and Tennis Club Oct/06/2018 Closed
10041 Kingston Nov/08/2018 Travelodge Hotel La Salle Oct/08/2018 Closed
10042 London Nov/22/2018 Ramada Inn London Oct/22/2018 Closed
10043 Welland Nov/14/2018 Welland Civic Square Oct/15/2018 Closed
10044 GTA West Nov/15/2018 Iceland Arena (Mississauga) Oct/15/2018 Closed
10045 Sudbury Nov/15/2018 Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology Oct/15/2018 Closed
10046 Hamilton Dec/11/2018 Crowne Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre Nov/12/2018 Closed
10047 Guelph Nov/20/2018 University of Guelph Oct/22/2018 Closed
10048 Dryden Nov/23/2018 Keewaytinook Centre of Excellence Oct/23/2018 Closed
10049 Orillia Nov/29/2018 Royal Canadian Legion Branch 34 Oct/29/2018 Closed
10050 Ottawa Dec/05/2018 Saint Paul University Nov/05/2018 Closed
10051 North Bay Dec/06/2018 Ramada Pinewood Park Resort Nov/06/2018 Closed
10052 Peterborough Dec/12/2018 Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre Nov/12/2018 Closed
10053 Windsor Dec/13/2018 Optimist Community Centre Nov/14/2018 Closed
10054 GTA West Dec/20/2018 Iceland Arena (Mississauga) Nov/20/2018 Closed
10055 Dryden Dec/21/2018 Keewaytinook Centre of Excellence Nov/22/2018 Closed
10056 GTA West Jan/09/2019 Iceland Arena (Mississauga) Dec/09/2018 Closed
10057 Kingston Jan/10/2019 Travelodge Hotel La Salle Dec/10/2018 Closed
10058 Thunder Bay Jan/10/2019 North McIntyre Rec Centre Dec/10/2018 Closed
10059 Chatham / Blenheim Jan/16/2019 Blenheim Arena Dec/17/2018 Closed
10060 Timmins Jan/17/2019 Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa Dec/17/2018 Closed
10061 Dryden Jan/18/2019 Keewaytinook Centre of Excellence Dec/18/2018 Closed
10062 Kitchener Jan/22/2019 Conestoga Residence & Conference Centre Dec/22/2018 Closed
10063 Orillia Jan/24/2019 Royal Canadian Legion Branch 34 Dec/24/2018 Closed
10064 GTA West Feb/06/2019 Iceland Arena (Mississauga) Jan/07/2019 Closed
10065 Hamilton Feb/07/2019 Crowne Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre Jan/07/2019 Closed
10066 GTA East Feb/12/2019 Tam Heather Curling and Tennis Club Jan/12/2019 Closed
10067 Welland Feb/13/2019 Welland Civic Square Jan/13/2019 Closed
10068 Sudbury Feb/14/2019 Holiday Inn Sudbury Jan/14/2019 Closed
ID City Test Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Test Site Application Deadline (mm/dd/yyyy) Status