Employer-site Operator-in-Training Certification Exams – FAQs


How much does it cost to host an employer-site exam? What does this administrative charge cover?
  • The employer will pay an administrative charge of $300 to OWWCO for each session. This covers costs for vetting and training new local proctors, testing the technology, assessing the test environment and virtual proctoring (by OWWCO).
  • The cost decreases to $250 if a future exam session is invigilated by a proctor already trained by OWWCO (in the past 12 months) and proctor training is not required.
Do participants still need to register and pay the $50 OIT exam registration fee?

Yes, each participant must still complete and submit an exam registration form with payment to OWWCO.

How many participants can be part of this exam?

Up to 5 people can participate in one exam session.

How long in advance must the employer-site exam be booked?

The exam must be booked at least one (1) month in advance of the desired exam date.

What are the requirements for the exam room?
  •  The exam room should be situated in a place of business that is secure, quiet and away from distractions.
  • It must have enough space to allow examinees to be seated at least 2 meters apart.
  • Workspace/ tables must be large enough to accommodate a computer and provide writing space.
  • The room must have internet access.
  • The room set up must be approved by OWWCO.
What equipment is needed to hold this exam?
  • A work computer/ laptop for each examinee and for the on-site proctor. Personal computers are not permitted.
  • A webcam or proctor laptop with an integrated webcam to provide the virtual (OWWCO) proctor a complete view of the examination room, the on-site proctor, the examinees and their workspaces for the entire duration of the exam.
What if an exam participant requires an accommodation?
  • OWWCO will consider exam accommodations which will provide the applicant an equal opportunity to write an exam in an environment consistent with their accessibility needs. Examples include an oral exam, having the exam read through an electronic device, extra time to complete the exam, completing the exam in a separate room etc.
  • Exam participants should discuss their accommodation needs with their employer, and request an accommodation through the application process.
  • Employers must discuss any accommodation needs with OWWCO when making arrangements to host an employer-site OIT exam session.
  • Please refer to the Ministry’s Exam Accommodation Guide for more information.
How do I apply to host an employer-site exam?

Fill out the online application form accessed here.

Who can be an on-site (local) proctor?
  • The on-site proctor can be an employee at the employer-site.
  • The proctor must not have a personal or direct professional relationship with any of the examinees.
  • The proctor must not hold or previously held a drinking water certificate or wastewater licence.
  • The proctor will not be eligible to write an OIT examination within twelve (12) months of proctoring an OIT examination.
  • The proctor must complete the proctor training delivered by OWWCO.
  • The proctor must be approved by OWWCO.
What measures will be put in place to protect the integrity of the exam?
  • All exam sessions will be overseen and monitored by an experienced virtual proctor and the employer-provided, on-site (local) proctor.
  • The exams will be online which eliminates the risks associated with the handling of exams under the previous paper-based process.

Employees / Potential Examinee / Exam Candidate:

How do I sign-up for employer-site exams?

Your employer will determine whether an employer-site exam is feasible. Connect with your employer to determine if this is something that can be arranged.

Will my employer also register me for the exam?
  • The employee / exam candidate is responsible for submitting the exam registration form with payment.
  • Any alternate arrangements should be discussed directly with your employer.
I require exam accommodations. Can this be arranged?

Discuss your accommodation need with your employer. When completing your exam registration form, please indicate the type of accommodation you are requesting.